Lambda Sigma

2015 Officers

Advisor: Dr. Yuxia (Lucy) Huang
President: Alexander Fontes
Vice President: Olivert Garcia
Treasurer: Weston Garling
Secretary: Nathan Pare

Honorary Member Rules: General members provide recommendation with no less then three written recommendation letters to include specific reasons why this nominee contributed significantly to the areas set forth in Article II of the ByLaws Board review recommendations and make motions to call for a vote to award by general membership General membership votes to award. 2/3 of of submitted votes; awards . Award offered from the board.

2012-2014 Officers

Advisor: Dr. Stacey D. Lyle
President: Julian Clifford
Vice President: Kristina Drysdale

2011 Officers

Advisor: Dr. Stacey D. Lyle
President: Brett Rinne
Vice President: Joe Califa
Secretary: Brach Lupher
Treasure: Julian Clifford