The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board approved the creation of the School of Engineering and Computing Sciences effective August 1, 2011. The School replaces the Department of Computing Sciences and is composed of the following degree programs:

  • Computer Science (BS/MS)
  • Electrical Engineering 
  • Geographic Information Sciences (BS/MS)
  • Geospatial Computing Sciences (PhD)
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology

You will find more information about these degree programs on the home page. Each of these programs is also highlighted in their own websites with information about faculty, courses, research, and other activities. The School of Engineering and Computing Sciences produces graduates who have the highest earning potential of any major in the University. This is true because of the great demand for graduates in these disciplines. Our undergraduates are offered jobs which range in salary from the high $40 thousands to the high $70 thousands. Graduates of our Master’s program fare even better.

Academic Goals

  • Graduate individuals who are:
    • Technically competent,
    • Cognizant of their ethical responsibilities as professionals,
    • Aware of technical issues and potential consequences in contemporary society
    • Future leaders of their chosen careers
  • Provide quality education at BS, MS and Ph.D. levels in selected area

Research Goals

  • Conduct basic and applied research at the forefront of human knowledge
    • Secure external funding to support research and educational programs
    • Publish research findings in top journals of the fields
    • Have impacts
  • Provide technical expertise and leadership to the Coastal Bend Region of Texas
  • Support the research efforts of the University as a whole, particularly in the areas of marine science and engineering and offshore technologies