Girls Code Camp

STEM Summer Institute 2017

About the Camps

Dive deep into the world of coding this summer at TAMUCC! Middle school girls (grades 6-8) are invited to explore the basics of computer programming using cool and easy to use graphical programs like Scratch to create your own custom mobile apps and program the behaviors of micro UAVs and mBots! Students will work in small groups of mixed ages to solve programming challenges in preparation for missions against other teams such as navigating mBots through an obstacle course! Students will also gain an understanding of design logic, computational thinking and scripting languages.

Camp applications are due by April 14th. The cost of each camp is $25 (due upon acceptance). Students are accepted on a first come, first serve basis upon review of their application. Parents will be notified of acceptance no later than April 17th.  All deadlines must be met in order to be considered for the Girls Code Camp. Once you have been selected to participate in a camp you will be asked to fill out addtitional forms and for the $25 deposit/camp cost to secure your space.  

Camp 1 – Women in Technology (WITS) Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs)

July 17th – July 21st

Campers will be introduced to programming through hands-on activities. The primary activity will be to make a Makeblock mBot STEM Education Programmable Robot autonomous. Students will start by assembling the robot and then will learn how to do increasingly difficult tasks using the onboard sensors.  Campers will also be shown some more advanced techniques to use Arduinos to encourage campers to program from their imaginations. There will be an obstacle course competition on the last day for campers to show off their skills! Campers will work in teams of six, each with a TAMUCC student mentor.

Camp 2 – Women in Technology (WITS) Mobile App Development  

July 24th – July 28th

Campers will be introduced to programming using MIT App Inventor.  App Inventor is a visual programming that uses a drag and drop interface that keeps the syntax hidden and allows students to focus on semantics.  The visual blocks are shaped like puzzle pieces and only the correctly shaped blocks will attach correctly hiding the syntax.  This allows for a much less frustrating experience. A completed app can be downloaded onto a mobile device and executed there, as well as a simulator. Campers will work with teams of six, each with a TAMUCC student mentor, to build individual and team apps.

Camp 3 – Women in Technology (WITS) Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

July 31st – August 4th

Campers will be introduced to programming autonomy into Aruduino based UAVs. The camp will teach students the basics of programming a UAV along with using its sensors to control behavior. The increasingly complex skills will culminate with an obstacle course competition at the end of the week to allow students to show off their skills! Campers will also be introduced to larger UAVs such as the Parrot AR.Drone. Campers will work in teams of six, each with a TAMUCC student mentor.

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