Thesis Semester-by-Semester Schedule

Completing the Fisheries & Mariculture Program After Applying and Being Admitted to the University and Program

1st Semester

  1. Course leveling, if necessary
  2. Define area of interest (e.g., shrimp nutrition, pond water quality, intensive finfish culture, etc.)
  3. Develop Degree Plan

2nd Semester

  1. Identify specific research interest
  2. Identify Chair of Research Thesis Committee
  3. Write Research Proposal (journal format) with Chair's guidance (requires registration for 3 sem. hrs. of FAMA 5349)
  4. Establish remaining Members of Research Thesis Committee
  5. Submit Research Proposal to other Members of Research Thesis Committee
  6. Proposal accepted (signed by members of committee)

Remaining Semesters

  1. Conduct research (requires registration for 3 sem. hrs. FAMA 5393)
  2. Prepare Thesis according to guidelines (see Graduate Handbook & Survival Guide for M.S. in Mariculture Students)
  3. Submit thesis to Chair of Graduate Research Committee for his/her review
  4. Correct editorial comments as per Chair, re-submit to Chair
  5. Submit edited version of Thesis to other Members of Graduate Research Committee
  6. Apply for Graduation (must be completed within deadline as specified in Schedule of Classes for the semester in which you are graduating)
  7. Seminar presentation (final semester, open to public, requires registration for FAMA 5102)
  8. Oral examination (final semester, attended by Graduate Research Committee)
  9. Thesis acceptance (upon passing seminar presentation and oral examination, requires signatures of Graduate Research Committee Members)
  10. Completion of written Exit Exam (currently does not determine graduation, for Program use only)

Final step is Graduation (you made it!!!)