South Texas Partnership for Algebra Transitions

Teacher-led reform in Corpus Christi, TX

What is STPAT?

The South Texas Partnership for Algebra Transitions (STPAT) is a collaboration partnering CCISD and TAMUCC to improve the quality of algebra instruction in the high-need Coastal Bend region of South Texas. The STPAT approach is to support teacher-led instructional reform and represents a comprehensive strategy to address a critical need for improving local students’ performance as they transition to and from algebra content.

The STPAT project goals are:

  • Build Math Content Knowledge
  • Immerse Math Teachers in Intensive Professional Development
  • Promote Data-Based Teaching Strategies
  • Establish a Sustainable Summer Algebra Institute
  • Improve Algebra Instruction in South Texas

What does STPAT do?

We facilitate teacher-led reform through summer math institutes, academic-year follow up events, and coordinated coaching. Teacher-participants are supported with tuition and fees, professional development funds, and generous summer work stipends.

Can I join STPAT?

The STPAT project brings together motivated CCISD mathematics teachers who share the following aims:

  • learn more about algebra and algebra transitions
  • teach math in new and engaging ways
  • work in teams to develop materials for peers to

Nearly all CCISD math teachers, coaches, and administrators are eligible to participate.

For more information on STPAT, contact Joe Champion (project coordinator).