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%newwin%[[Attach:Spring2016DyurichSeminarSyllabus.docx|Here is the syllabus!]]
%newwin%[[Attach:Spring2016DyurichSeminarSyllabus.docx|Here is the syllabus!]]

'''Week One'''
* [[Thursday, August 27th]]

'''Week Two'''
* [[Tuesday, September 1st]]
* [[Thursday, September 3rd]]

'''Week Three'''
* [[Tuesday, September 8th]]
* [[Thursday, September 10th]]

'''Week Four'''
* [[Tuesday, September 15th]]
* [[Thursday, September 17th]]

'''Week Five'''
* [[Tuesday, September 22nd]]
* [[Thursday, September 24th]]

'''Week Six'''
* [[Tuesday, September 29th]]
* [[Thursday, October 1st]]

'''Week Seven'''
* [[Tuesday, October 6th]]
* [[Thursday, October 8th]]

'''Week Eight'''
* [[Tuesday, October 13th]]
* [[Thursday, October 15th]]

'''Week Nine'''
* [[Tuesday, October 20th]]
* [[Thursday, October 22nd]]

'''Week Ten'''
* [[Tuesday, October 27th]]
* [[Thursday, October 29th]]

'''Week Eleven'''
* [[Tuesday, November 3rd]]
* [[Thursday, November 5th]]
* Friday, November 6th - '''Drop Date!'''

'''Week Twelve'''
* [[Tuesday, November 10th]]
* [[Thursday, November 12th]]

'''Week Thirteen'''
* [[Tuesday, November 17th]]
* [[Thursday, November 19th]] - '''First-Year Symposium!'''

'''Week Fourteen'''
* [[Tuesday, November 24th]]

[+'''%green%Happy Thanksgiving!'''+]

'''Week Fifteen'''
* [[Tuesday, December 1st]] - '''Last Day of Class'''
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%newwin%[[Attach:Spring2016DyurichSeminarSyllabus.docx|Here is the syllabus!]]