Learning Community Peer Mentors

If you go and visit with Ms. Vega about Spring 2018 registration or your calculating your GPA, I am going to offer 3 extra credit points to your Reading Quiz average at the end of the semester. Feel free to visit with her as often as you'd like, however, only 1 visit will earn you a maximum of 3 points.

You must discuss one of the following topics with Ms. Vega: Over the next 4ish weeks, you can opt to meet your mentor to discuss either your GPA or the Spring 2018 registration process. You should complete only one of the worksheets posted below and turn it in by Monday, November 27th by 5pm to submit the worksheet!

Here are the worksheets: GPA:GPA Worksheet or Spring 2018 Registration:Spring 2018 Worksheet

Make every effort to go by and visit with Ms. Vega them before the deadline- she is an excellent resource!

Peer Mentor: Crystal Vega

Email: cvega12@islander.tamucc.edu

Room: CASA 121 A

Office Hours: Monday 11-12:50 pm, Tuesdays, 9-1pm and Wednesdays 3-4 pm.