Learning Community Peer Mentor

If you go and visit with Ms. about Spring 2018 registration, I am going to offer 3 extra credit points to your Final Portfolio at the end of the semester. Feel free to visit with her as often as you'd like, however, only 1 visit will earn you a maximum of 3 points.

You must discuss one of the following topics with Ms. Untalan: Over the next 4ish weeks, you can opt to meet your mentor to discuss either your GPA or the Spring 2018 registration process. You should complete only one of the worksheets posted below and turn it in by Thursday, November 16th at the beginning of Seminar!

Here are the worksheets: GPA:GPA Worksheet or Spring 2018 Registration:Spring 2018 Worksheet

Make every effort to go by and visit with Ms. Untalan before the deadline- she is an excellent resource!

Peer Mentor name: Lauren Untalan

Email: luntalan@islander.tamucc.edu

Office hours: Tuesday 11-5 pm and Wednesday 9-2:45pm at the Glasscock Building, Room 121 A.

Lauren has worked at CASA for almost 2 years and is well-trained to help you with Registration for Spring classes, time management issues, financial aid questions/concerns and she can direct you to a variety of campus resources that can offer you additional support as you navigate your first semester at university!

Make sure to visit with Lauren and use CASA's (The Center for Academic Student Achievement) services to help you excel as a student in your first semester!

As a member of our learning community, Lauren is here to help you and to work with you all to help you succeed.