Marquez and her Shameless Plugs...

Presenting at FYRC is one of the most rewarding experiences a student can have in their first-year at university. It serves as excellent practice for presenting in academic settings that will be expected of you at university, regardless of major/discipline.

Note: You do not have to present individually. You present in small groups aka as panels at the conference. Recall that when Prof. Bray and I met you at the start of the term, we mentioned that you will present original research in groups toward the end of the term. If there is a group of your classmates that you would like to / had already planned to present with, this could be your chance to present in a formal academic conference!

Why should you make the time to do this?' Reason #1: If you are accepted to present, this conference is unique among Learning Communities in the U.S. in that it is one of the few opportunities offered to students to share their original academic research in their first-year at university. Reason #2: It is one of the ways that you can set yourself apart from your peers in your first-year. Being accepted to present at FYRC is an impressive accomplishment to put on your academic resume as you apply for scholarships and internships.

Some pics of FYRC 2016 and 2017: