Let's break it down y'all!

  • You will be split into groups of your choosing. Each group will analyze a primary source from Chapter 6 that you ALL are reading for your Rhetorical Analysis! Feel free to take notes as we discuss the chapter and the primary sources!

You and your group members will work together to address the following questions:

  • Summary: Describe the Primary Source. What type of source is it? What is the author trying to argue?
  • Evidence: What quotes from this document can be used to illustrate the author's argument?
  • Reflection: What is the author trying to accomplish? What is the backstory/historical context? What compelled them to write their document?
  • Class Discussion! Each group will share their group's analysis Δ with the class on the board in front of class.
    • Hint: Taking notes may help you prepare the body of your Rhetorical Analysis! Just sayin'. :)

So, what did we all learn from this?

  • Thesis Statement/Your claim will be based on: "Who crafted the better argument?" "Which author provided the strongest evidence to make their case?'''
    • Hint: Being able to address this effectively will become the argument of your paper!