Moving Ahead...(a preview of the text and lectures)

Get into groups of 3-4. Each group will be assigned a short excerpt to read and interpret from the introduction of the Blowout text, pages 7-12.

Your task is to answer one of the questions below as it pertains to your assigned section and be prepared to discuss it with the class.

  • What is the Chicano Movement? What does the term Chicano mean?
  • Why was Chicano a controversial term?
  • How is Sal Castro's story and the Chicano struggle for educational justice relate to the public school system and its relationship to Mexican Americans?
  • What were Mexican Jobs?
  • What were Mexican Schools? Describe the quality of those schools.
  • Why did some educators have low expectations of Mexican American students? How did they challenge their treament?
  • How was the 14th amendment used in suits filed to challenge the segregation of Mexican American schoolchildren? Explain. What is de jure segregation? What is de facto segregation?


Let's take some time to hear from the individuals who witnessed, participated in and made this historical moment happen.

  • We are going to watch a short portion of the PBS Documentary- Chicano! Part 3: “Taking Back the Schools” - - up to minute 20:52. Feel free to take notes as you watch this video. This will help you understand the context of Sal Castro's life and the Student Blowouts in 1968.
  • What were some of the perceptions of Mexican Americans that led to their receiving an unequal education in the public schools? Why did students eventually walk out of their schools? What kind of justice were they fighting for?
  • So, what were the student's demands? Let's take a look.