This is a student created list of chronologies and is by no means complete. These samples are merely a starting point. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO USE YOUR OWN LECTURE NOTES TO FILL IN THE GAPS.

Changing Means of Production:

___ The Lowell experiment

___ "putting out" system

___ home manufacture/production

___ factory system

Territorial Expansion

_______ Buchanan-Pakenham Treaty

_______ Gadsden Purchase

_______ Compromise of 1850

_______ Annexation of Texas

_______ Kansas-Nebraska Act

_______ Polk Elected

Slavery in the West

_______ Northwest Ordinance

_______ Wilmot Proviso

_______ Missouri Compromise

_______ Development of “king cotton”

______ Compromise of 1850

______ Kansas Nebraska Act

Growing Sectional Divisions

______ Franklin Pierce elected

______ Development of a Free Labor movement

______ Modern Republican Party forms

______ Whig Party collapses

______ Democratic Party becomes an exclusively Southern party

______Kansas Nebraska Act

Crisis in Kansas

______ Sack of Lawrence

______ Brooks Sumner Incident

______ Atchison rigged election in Kansas

______ Established proslavery and free-soil governments

______ “Free” labor movement

______ Kansas Nebraska Act