Public Speaking Power

Let's get some tips from a former Reacting to the Past-er: Lily Lamboy Speaking Videos

Let's dive into Ms. Lamboy's Workshop!

Speaking to Connect!

  • On the note card provided, write your first name in the top left hand corner of the paper. On the top right hand corner, a culture that you identify with, and on the bottom center of the card your major/future profession.
  • In the center of the card, think about your past and think about the people whose advice has had the most meaning to you. Write a meaningful quote/message you heard from someone influential in your life. Write down the message in quotation marks and the name of the person who said it.
    • For example: "Go and live your young lives!" ~ Marquez(Teacher)
  • Find a partner! (You will change partners a few times!)
    • As you work with you partners, you will need to maintain Eye Contact the entire time.
    • You and your partner will need to remain standing and maintain good posture as you have your conversation. Try to remain in standing in place.
    • Try to not gesture too much with your hands.
    • Pace yourself! Read your quote aloud. Don't rush in explaining your quote, speak slowly. Make sure and clearly explain what your quote means and what meaning it holds for you. Make a statement. Make sure that your partner can hear you clearly.
    • Explain/discuss your quotes meaning to one another!

What was the purpose of this exercise?

  • You just practiced the strategies that Lily Lamboy encourages students to consider in giving their speeches!
  • Like the character you will embody in the Reacting to the Past game, you all have cultural values, personal experiences, values, spiritual beliefs that shape how you live your life and define what is most important to you. In crafting your individual arguments for your Position Papers, you will need to consider the backgrounds, values and the perspective of your character. Your speech should reflect those experiences, cultural values and beliefs and the action they are asking all players to take in support of their perspective!