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AmandaMarquez: ExamISetUp

Exam I Set Up

The exam will be broken down as follows:

The Process...

As you prepare, you must consider:

  • How does each social institution ( the economy, polity/government/ and education) affect social class and the social organization of society?
  • How does the structure and organization of society produce poor people?
  • When completing each assigned reading, apply your understanding of CONFLICT THEORY to the content of the reading. What connections do you see between the Conflict Model and the findings presented in each reading?

In developing your own study guide...

  • Go through the PowerPoint Dr. Araiza provided your. Select the key terms that Dr. Araiza discussed in class and define them in your own words.
  • Use the readings questions provided on the class created Study Guide to help you organize your notes over the reading.
  • Practice responding to the Practice essay prompts provided. Responding to these will set you up to do well on that portion of the exam. Dr. Araiza reviewed them and said so! :)
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