What you will find on this page are links to any assignments focused on exam preparation. This information is posted on Wiki so that you may return to it while preparing for your history exams and writing assignments.

A Word of Caution: Please know that the following material may be incomplete. This compilation is merely a starting point for you to begin approaching the material! Using your lecture notes and textbook, it is your responsibility to evaluate this material and include additional information !!

Exam 1-K
Exam 2-K
  • HIST 1302 EXAM II is scheduled for Thursday, April 5th!
  • Key terms list+ definitons: You will need to define the term listed next to your name IN A FULLY DEVELOPED PARAGRAPH(use the 5 W's to help you come up with a detailed definition). There's only one! Complete and post your definition to this link. You have until (Wednesday April 4th)by 5pm to post your definition! After that, the page will be locked.

Class compilation:

Essay Outlines

Exam 3-K