Marx's idea of class

In "Bourgeois and Proletarians" Marx tells a story about the emergence and development of a new social group, the Bourgeoisie and how this group remade the world to suit it's own needs. Marx also discusses the rise of another group, the Proletarians and how they work and survive in this new industrial social order.

Get into groups of 4. In your groups, your task is to find the key the key concept of bourgeoisie and proletariat in Marx's Manifesto and define what these concepts mean in the text. Each group will be assigned a specific question from the list below.

1.) What causes the rise of the bourgeoisie, who are they, and how have they changed industry, political and religious beliefs, the family and human relationships? (Page 154-155)

2.) How did the bourgeoisie usher in a modern world? How did they use technology, communications and a changing national identity to achieve this? (Page 156- 157)

3.) The Manifesto claims that the bourgeoisie called forth another social group, the proletariat. Who belongs to this group? How has industrialization transformed the daily lives and labor of the proletarians? (Bottom of page 157-158)

4.) Marx argues that there are internal crises with modern bourgeois capitalism one of which is increased contact and communication among individual workers. How does this enable the proletarians to organize into a class? What would have to happen for them to do so? (page 159)

5.) Marx argues that all previous historical movements are movements of minorities or in the interests of minorities. As minorities, what does he suggest workers might do to challenge the bourgeoisie(the ruling class)? (Page 160)

Get into groups of 4.

In your groups, your task is to find the key concepts in Marx's Manifesto and define what they mean in the text. Each group will be assigned a concept from the list below.


Your task:

You and your group mates are tasked with examining, understanding and explaining this key concept to others. Highlight every time the concept is used in your assigned section. Try and capture all shades of meaning given to the concept in the text.

Question you must answer: Why is this concept important to Marx's theory? How does it help explain his vision of society in 1848?