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'''Part I:'''

* What is my purpose for writing? How will I effectively convey my message/argument/stance?
* Who is my target audience? (Why does this particular audience ''need''to get my message?)
* Why is the genre you have chosen the ''best genre'' for your writing given your purpose and target audience?
* How am I going to structure my writing/message? How are you going to "mimic" the conventions of the genre you in which you chose to write?

How will your writing out into the world and make something happen? Based on your research for WP 2, you will produce a piece of writing for the specific audience you identified in your proposal in which you use your knowledge of an historical event or significant figure to justify your stance on a modern day political or social issue. ('''For example:''' If you choose to research the Grimke Sisters and their writing, you could connect their work to the March on Washington that occurred the day after President inauguration, and discuss your conclusions about the current status of the movement in America. )

'''Part II:'''
What would be the best approach to presenting your argument and supporting research to your target audience? (For example: college student, professor, a historian, the general public, etc.)

* How will you ensure your genre appeals to these audiences?
* How will you ensure your message to these audiences will be clear?

'''Part III:'''

Think about your genre using the traditional questions that journalists/ historians use to tell a story: Who? Where? When? What? Why? How?
'''In your writing groups, work together to help brainstorm some ideas for VISUALS.'''
** How can you represent your historical context/research ''visually''? Ideas?
** How can you make a solid connection to your current issue ''visually''? Ideas?

!!! Help one another to brainstorm some ideas! :)