Reflective Writing Assignment:

You may either hand write or type this reflection. Be sure to include your name, section number, and date on the top of the page. Please answer the following questions in paragraph form and be specific!

You will have until 3pm on Tuesday, Sept. 27th to turn in this reflection. You may turn it in early also! Just drop it off at my office. :)

1.How do you think your first five weeks of college has gone? What are some things you have accomplished that you are most proud of?

2. What have you learned in these past five weeks?

  • Is there a particular concept or skill you have mastered? What have you learned about yourself as a University student; your study habits, your reading and note-taking habits, the process you use to write, how you prepared for the exam, etc.

3.What are some improvements you would like to make in the upcoming five weeks? What are some things that you plan to do differently?

4.Is there anything you are struggling with in Triad K that we can help you with ? Be specific.

5.And finally, how can your Triad K instructors improve or what can we do to better serve you, my students?