Planning for Group Research Presentations:

I will give you and your group members some time to sketch out your Group's Research Presentation!

Research Presentation Teams:

In Writing Project 4, Prof. Bray asked for you to complete a Group Proposal where you were expected to collaborate with your group research presentation team to outline your end of semester oral/visual presentation.

Using your group's proposal and this template, I would like for you to brainstorm some ideas and start to build your PowerPoint.

Here is the PowerPoint template: Research Presentation Template LCM for group presentations! Feel free to use as a guide as you build your own.

To help you do this, use the questions below as a guide. Just the simple act of writing down all your thoughts and ideas about a topic can be inspiring when you see one idea, it can make you think of many more! Write your ideas down!


1.)What would be the best approach to presenting your argument and supporting research to these potential AUDIENCES? (For example: college student, professor, a historian, the general public, etc.)

  • How will you ensure your presentation appeals to these audiences?
  • How will you ensure your message to these audiences will be clear?

2.) Think about your presentation using the traditional questions that journalists/ historians use to tell a story: Who? Where? When? What? Why? How? In your presentation groups, work together to help brainstorm some ideas for VISUALS.

  • How can you represent your topic's historical context/background visually? Ideas?
  • How can you make a solid connection to your current issue visually? Ideas?
  • Help one another to brainstorm some ideas! :)

Your "ticket out"...

In your groups, you need to decide:

  • Draft your presentation's "sexy title." Come up with some possibilities. Make sure that your title reflects each presenters research topic!
  • Decide the order of the presenters. (Who will present first? Will you take a chronological or thematic approach to the organization of your presentation?)
  • What kind of images could you each use to ENHANCE your research/argument? How will your images reach your audience? Support your Learning Community M presentation theme?