Let's do some analysis!

As a class, we will critically analyze and discuss the image below. We will work together to address:

  1. what the image was trying to convey
  2. the historical context (background/"backstory")
  3. and appeal of the image

When looking at the image, consider/ discuss/ answer the following:

(1) What argument is the image making? What is it asking the viewer to do, think, believe, or feel?

(2)What is the historical context of the image? What is the historical context of the image (why was it produced? What was going on in the time period?) ** Draw connections to Munoz's lectures,your prior knowledge, to the I Am a Man reading, and , etc.

(3)What sort of appeal does the image make: emotional? logical? Is the artist credible? Why or why not? In what ways does the image portray conflict/progress?

(4) Is the image effective? Why or why not?