On Tuesday, Professor Bray asked you to consider how writing is a social and rhetorical act and that it connects us to other people across time and space.

As a class, we will critically and rhetorically analyze Contending Voices Chapter 1: "The Cross and the Sword in Spain's New World: Bartolome de Las Casas and Hernan Cortes," Source 2: ''An Aztec View of the Temple Massacre (ca. 1550)," p. 13.

Get into groups of five and no larger! One you settle into your groups, you will need to analyze this image by answering the questions below.

1.) What argument is the image making? What is it asking us to do, think, believe, or feel?

2.)What is the historical context of the image (why was it produced? What was going on in the time period?) Draw on your prior knowledge, understanding of the readings, Wooster's lecture, etc.)

3.)What sort of appeal does the image make: emotional? logical? Is the artist credible? Why or why not?

4.)Is the image effective? Why or why not?