Let' s work it out, share what you know!

Each of you has selected a slip of paper from the envelope. Right?!

Your first task: Using your lecture notes, I need for you to define the term to the best of your ability using the 5 W's Who? What When? Where? Why? on the handout provided. Your task will be to share your knowledge with your classmates as the class progresses.

You will be changing groups up to three times/ three rounds. With each "new" group you join, it will be your job to teach your concept to the other students. Don't simply hand them your paper, you need to explain the concept to them in your own words!

Stay on task! This information will be critically important as you prep for Exam II which is scheduled for Tuesday, March 28th! (Spring break will give you quasi-amnesia, just sayin'! I want you to use this time to your advantage!)

So, how did it go? What did you get out of this? Were there any topics that you heard in your conversations that you need clarification on? Let's talk about it!