Writing is a social and rhetorical act?!

  • Questions, comments, concerns about the learning community?
  • Questions about any of the issues/topics we discussed at our first class meetings?
  • Hand in your writing assignment about YOUR writing! :)
  • Rebels and Rhetoric?
    • Since the theme of our learning community is Rebels, Rabble-rousers and Rhetoric we are going to spend some time discussing rhetoric and a piece of writing by a rebel that lived and wrote during the time period of the Greenwich Village Game we will all play in a few weeks. Just giving you a preview of what is to come...

Reminders and announcements:

  • If you do not have copies of the textbooks for HIST 1302, Give Me Liberty and Greenwich Village: the New Woman or for English 1302 Naming What we Know' both are available on Course Reserve at the library. You will need your Sandollar ID card to check out the books. Simply go to the main desk and give the title of the text or name of the class(Ex: HIST 1302, ENGL 1302) to the front desk attendant. You will be able to check the books out for up to three hours.
  • Your first Reacting to the Past reading quiz will be on Tuesday, January 30th and will cover pages 16-30 of the Greenwich Village textbook. The quiz will be multiple choice. If you have questions about the reading, feel free to stop by during office hours for guidance!