Iroquois Confederacy

  • Who? 5-6 tribes participated
  • What? Tribes come together to show a united front- Great Council
  • When? Met annual basis
  • Where? Upper New England
  • Why is this concept significant? What was the point of Wooster talking about this in detail?
    • Tribes were collectively united, women had indirect political power

Columbian Exchange

Who? Old World to new world , Spanish, Dutch, ENG

What? goods, diseases, weapons, livestock, ideas, cultures


Where? New england region

Why is this significant? Helped est nation and global trade- diff process for both sides

John Locke

  • Who was he? English philosopher, social contract/ natural rights = "writing went out into the world and made things happen"
  • What did he write that was influential? Life, liberty, property = MATERIAL POSSESSIONS AND POLITICAL RIGHTS
  • When did he write his work? 1632-1700
  • Why is he significant to American history? Thomas Jefferson - Dec.of Ind. The social contract- the people create the govt, in exchange we get protection of our natural rights- if that govt is not doing its job- we have the right of revolt