Consider the Reading You've Completed, Including Primary Source Documents

  • What are some of the most significant historical writings you've read this semester? What makes this particular piece of writing stand out to you? How did this piece of writing change the way you view American history? In your view, how does this piece of writing demonstrate ''rhetoric," or a "rabble rouser?"
  • Based on all the reading you've completed in this learning community, how have your views of History changed?
  • Can you provide evidence of time during the semester in which you read a text, then communicated your own ideas and opinions about the text, either through discussion or writing? In what ways did you display competence and expertise?
  • In what ways did you feel like you were a "novice" as a reader of academic texts? How did you become a more sophisticated reader?

Consider Writing Processes as you Select Evidence to Include

Your work in Learning Community M has been writing intensive, As you've no doubt come to realize, writing is a non-linear process, that moves back and forth through various stages. These stages include:

  • Brainstorming/Pre-writing/Invention
  • Drafting
  • Revision
  • Peer Response
  • Editing
  • Publication
  • How can you demonstrate your own unique writing processes in your portfolio? What evidence in your collection best represents a particular stage in your writing? For example, at what point in the semester did a major revision, peer response, or visit to the Writing Center, make the difference in helping you create a fine piece of writing?
  • Are you able to demonstrate a piece of writing in which you can provide proof that you went through multiple stages of the writing process?
  • In what ways did you feel like you were a "novice" as an academic writer? How did you become adept at writing?
  • Based on all the writing you've completed in this Learning Community, how have your views of writers and writing changed?" How has your view of your own writing changed?

Consider Your Role in Reacting to the Past

  • What are your take-aways from playing the game? What did you learn that will stick with you?
  • What did you think of your character? How did you relate to him or her?
  • Evaluate your performance during the game? What were your strengths? What were your weaknesses that you could improve on?
  • What surprised you about playing the game?
  • What issue that concerned Greenwich Villagers do you think is still most relevant to your generation today? Why?

Consider Your Habits of Mind as a Scholar

  • In what ways can you provide evidence that you were a curious, engaged member of this learning community? Reflect on how curiosity led you to new experiences, and provide specific examples.
  • In what ways can you provide proof that you were a responsible member of this learning community? How can you prove you were responsible for your own successes and failures?
  • In what what ways can you provide evidence that you kept an open mind and were open to challenging some of your long-held beliefs this semester?
  • In what ways can you show proof that you persisted through adversity? What did you do when the going got tough?