Welcome to Learning Community B (LCB) !

Learning Community theme: For The Greater Good

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What will you collaboratively learn about this semester?

Learning Community B (LCB) has been designed to provide you with an integrated learning experience. This means that you will be learning about sociology, writing, and the business of being a first-year college student in all of your LCB courses.

Our theme that will link our courses is "For The Greater Good." Looking at the human social world sociologically, we will find ways to apply this theme to the methods, theories, research findings and assumptions of sociology. In examining our social world, we will find to ways to apply this theme to your personal experiences as a novice writer/learner encountering new writing situations and tasks. By the semester's end, you should have a rich understanding of what it means to be an agent and advocate for change, and an educated citizen who seeks to make choices for the greater good of our society.

What will you gain from this learning community experience?

It is our intention that this learning community require three kinds of challenging intellectual work: reading, deep thinking, and writing-lots of writing. Your willingness to write will enable you to gain much from the learning community and be able to articulate insights, defend your analyses, or present conclusions effectively. Those that learn how to communicate well via writing have certain advantages- personally and academically.

We’ll integrate digital tools where appropriate this term, in places where they will best help you to learn and to communicate your ideas and knowledge, We’ll work with you and offer you lots of support. You’ll leave this class, and learning community knowing how to be a critical thinker and a more educated citizen with a range of new skills that will help you in this course and beyond Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.

Some words of wisdom about learning and life from a few of my heroes: