Rules and Regs

Go ahead and get into the groups that you were in when you completed Reading Quiz #2. If you don't remember who you partnered with, feel free to check out what names were on the quiz. Note: Quiz groups cannot be larger than 4 members!

  • In your group, spend some time brainstorming possible rules and regulations by which your group will be governed.
  • The goal of this activity, is to create a set of class guidelines that ensure all group members are participating equally, and no one person is pulling the weight of the entire team.

These rules will be agreed upon by the class and placed on Blackboard for the duration of the semester. If a group deems that a member is in violation of these rules, they can be "voted off the island."

Section 245 Quiz Groups

  • Ryan, Christian, Michael, Noah
  • Jackie C., Ari, Kryslean and Sydney
  • Didi, Avery and Tori W.
  • Jared, Alejandro, Riley and Kevin
  • Dmontea and Jasmine

Section 244 Quiz Groups

  • Sam, Journee, Michael, Tyler
  • Brandon, Alyson, Neal, Josh B.
  • Kyle, Matt, Eric, Edwin
  • Andre,Tori D., M.E., Alexa
  • Jennifer, Aaron, Danny