Let's break this "scary reading" down together!

Using this handout, I would like for you to begin breaking down this "scary" long chapter!

For Exam 2, you are expected to read and know details about this chapter in order to write an effective exam essay.

Chapter name: Lee, Erika and Judy Yung, “Guarding the Golden Gate: The Life and Business of theImmigration Station (chapter 1)” in Angel Island: Immigrant Gateway to America” (New York: Oxford University Press, 2010), 29-67. This reading is posted on Blackboard under Exam 2 Reading Packet.

We are going to be working in groups to discuss specific sections of the reading. Let's sign up today!

Section 440 Working Groups

Section 441 Working Groups

Section 460 Working Groups

You and your group members must be prepared to discuss your section of the reading in Seminar class next Tuesday!

You will be discussing and applying your knowledge of the chapter to an in class activity.

You should also be reading and watching these, too!


Yung Reading

“A DREAMer? in San Antonio, Ready to Contribute,” by Carolina Canizales, available at http://therivardreport.com/a-dreamer- in-san-antonio-ready-to-contribute/.


(1) “Virtual Tour of Angel Island Immigration Station Through the Eyes of Dan Quan,” by the Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation (2010), available at

(2) “Angel Island Profile: Tyrus Wong,” a documentary by LeapManProductions? (2011) available at

(3) “The Dream is Now,” a documentary by TheDreamIsNowOrg? (2013), available at

They videos combined run about 45 minutes long.

Thank you David Galindo for sharing this handout with us! Many thanks!