Expert groups!

  • Writing Groups assemble!
  • Once you have settled in, each group will review the short section of the chapter reading you just read and wrote on.

Your task:

  • Take some time to read over your assigned paragraph. Highlight important information, or interesting quotes you find. (Remember: We are trying to set the context for the events that played out in this chapter. Look for clues that tell you how people were feeling, what was happening, what had happened previously?)
  • Also notice key words, people, places, events, questions, etc. (These will serve as good key words/search terms when you study for the first exam later on!)
  • Discuss what you found with your partner, did someone catch something someone else didn't?


  • Take out your lecture notes!
  • You will need to fill in your assigned section of the handout provided. Once you have this completed, be prepared to share your knowledge with the class. Now that you are an expert, lets have a class discussion!
  • Debrief as a class!

So, what did we all learn from having done this?

Going through the chapter in this way, and getting a feel for the time and people will help you better understand how the primary sources come into play.