Relations with American Indians

__2__ Worcester vs. Georgia (1832)

__4_ Trails of Tears

__1__ Indian Removal Act (1830)

_5___ 2nd Seminole War

__3__ Treaty of New Echota

Bank “War”

__1___ 1st B.U.S Hamilton’s Plan

___2___ 2nd B.U.S recieves 20 year re-charter

_4___ B.U.S destroyed by Jackson - Removed deposits and put them into "pet banks"

__3___ McCulloch? vs Maryland - Stated the bank was constitutional (1819)

Changes in Production

_4_ The Lowell experiment - Nathan Appleton claimed that his factory was modern

2__ "putting out" system

_1_ home manufacture/production

_3_ factory system

Manifest Destiny and American exceptionalism:

__5___ Polk elected

__1___ Empire of Liberty(JEFFERSON- expansion helps farmers)

___4__ Tyler splits with Whigs on TX Annexation

__2__ John L. Sullivan writes Manifest Destiny

__3__ Jackson refuses to annex Texas-disrupt the Union, upset the balance between free and slave states

___6__ Buchanan Packenham Treaty- Oregon Territory

___7__ Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo - entire American Southwest