Time to share what you know!!

I'm guessing that most of you know what a meme is.

Your task:

In small groups, you will have the rest of the class time to create TWO memes based on your assigned term.

What you will need to complete this exercise:

  • Your history lecture notes from Tuesday's class. You will base your meme according to the definition of your group's assigned term.
  • Your creative brain juices to contribute to your group's work!

A word of advice: TAKE YOUR TIME, DO NOT RUSH. The more thoughtfully composed your memes are, the better they may help you to learn and retain your understanding of the material!


  • Feel free to be creative (but PG-ish, please) with this! Do not be offensive, for real
  • Your memes MUST be historically accurate with the content!
  • Your memes MUST be witty! Show off that sense of humor of yours!
  • Your memes MUST reflect your understanding of the material! Use your own ideas! Be original!(Don't google/use memes that already exist!)

When creating your memes make sure to address these questions:

  • Who is your intended audience? ( Learning community professors, other students in your History class, etc.)
  • What are you trying to get your audience to think, feel, believe, say and/or do?

When you're done, email me the link or the file that contains your memes at amanda.marquez@tamucc.edu.

In your email to me, you must include a fully composed definition using the 4 W's- by the end of class! Make sure to include your group members' names in the body of your email- to receive full credit! This exercise will also count in Professor Bray's class!