Federalists, Democratic Republicans, Duels, oh my!

Find a partner. Someone you know takes legit notes in large lecture. ;)

Once you find your partner, I need for you to select a slip from the bag. Each slip has a term from lecture that relates to the events that occurred BEFORE and AFTER the Ratification of the Constitution!

Your task: With your partner, define the term as fully as possible. Once you have done so, one of you will need to work with another partner that has different term. With your new partner, you will both need to share your definitions and record them on the handout provided.

We will change partners at least 8 times in the next 40 minutes. WRITE DOWN AS MUCH AS YOU CAN! :)

The purpose of this activity is to get a "leg up" on your preparation for the second exam! Just trying to get you to work smarter, not harder. :) Also, your writing is going to go out into the world and make things happen, I am going to scan and post your definitions to the Exam Review Materials page Fall 2017.

I will be moving around the room to help any pair that has questions!