Considering the issues of the Progressive Era (a.k.a little RTTP "Pre-gaming")

Time to group up according to your RTTP game characters. :) For those of you that are Indeterminates, consider your character's biography before choosing which group you might join in class for today. (FYI: The groups you join today are NOT permanent factions.)

Part I: Once you settle into your groups, share with one another your character's biography. Who are they? What are they about? What are their strengths?

Part II: Each group is going to receive a photo.

Progressive Era photos

As you study your image as a group, I'd like for you to think and respond to the following questions the paper provided.

Photo analysis:

(Step 1)When you look at this image, what do you notice?

(Step 2)What issues or problems do you see present in the image? How are the individuals depicted?

(Step 3) Considering your RTTP game character, would you support the message behind the image? Why or why not?

Class discussion!