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!!! Emancipation:

_____ passage of the 13th amendment

_____ Battle of Antietam

_____ Emancipation Proclamation
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!!!%red% The chronologies that we have completed in class are by no means complete! You will need to refer to your own lecture notes to fill in the gaps. You will need to attend lecture until Wed. 5/2 to have all of the appropriate materials to help you prepare for Exam 3! Just sayin'!
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!!! Civil War in the West
!!! Civil War in the West

_____ Grant oversees the surrender of Confederate Forces at Forts Henry and Donelson

_____ Battle of Shiloh

_____ Union forces led by Farragut capture New Orleans

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!!! Civil War in the East

_____ 2nd Bull Run

____ Peninsula Campaign

_____ McClellan takes command of the Army of the Potomac

_____ 1st Bull Run

_____ Seven Days Battle

_____ Battle of Antietam

!!! Civil War in the West