Welcome back to Polly's, Greenwich Villagers and Friends!!

Labor Has it's day! (The time has come for the Labor factions to present their platforms!)

  • Section 440: Marvin, Sal and Nathan
  • Section 441: Andrew, William and Kat

As the Labor faction presents their platform, all players (and audience members) will need to be making note of the following:

  • Villagers(Bohemians aka Indeterminates) must respond with questions and comments!
  • As you listen to their platform and speeches, you need to make note of the following:
  • How might the Labor faction be potential allies to your faction or cause?
  • Decide with whom your group may never agree?
  • Based on their speeches, who can, may and will or could influence YOUR ideas/beliefs in a significant way?
  • What counterarguments might you be able to offer Labor? Be prepared to challenge them!

Make certain to hold yourselves accountable to the RTTP Ground Rules for Discussion.

Reminders and announcements: