Max Eastman and The Masses

  • Max presents his selections for publication in The Masses. After which, he will present a short lecture that summarizes and synthesizes the ideas presented in the selections he has made. The selections he has made should convey his views of America in 1913.
  • if time permits... What Feminism Means to Me or 1 minute speech presentation activity! You all decide!
  • Check your PIP's before you leave class today!
  • The Vote goes down on Thursday. You must have 15 in order to be able to vote! :)

Announcements and reminders:

  • * Friday, March 23rd: First Year Research Conference Proposals due!
    • While I realize that the deadline is fast approaching, you can always use your Preliminary Research Proposals you submitted before Spring Break as a draft to help you get started on your conference proposal. Burnett and I are pros at helping students to refine their proposals!

My Shameless FYRC plug!'

  • Note: You do not have to present individually. You present in small groups aka as panels at the conference. Recall that when Prof. Burnett and I introduced the Research and Argument Project?, we mentioned that you will present your research in groups toward the end of the term. If there is a group of your classmates that you had already planned to present with, this could be your chance to present in a formal academic conference!
  • Why make the time to do this? Reason #1: If you are accepted to present, this conference is unique among Learning Communities in the U.S. in that it is one of the few opportunities offered to students to share their original academic research in their first-year. Reason #2: It is one of the ways that you can set yourself apart from your peers in your first-year. Being accepted to present at FYRC is an impressive accomplishment to put on your academic resume as you apply for scholarships and internships.
  • If you are accepted to FYRC, please know that Burnett and I have your back! We will help you practice and offer constructive feedback on how to enhance your presentation! :)
  • HIST 1302 EXAM II is scheduled for Thursday, ---