Hello there, everyone!!

As you may already be aware, Ms. Marquez is NOT HERE TODAY. She is ill.

In lieu of our class meeting today, you have an assignment you will need to complete TODAY! You will need to drop off this assignment at Ms. Marquez’s office (FC 121) by 5:00 pm. Slide your papers under the office door. Completing this assignment will count toward your attendance and participation grade for today.

The Assignment:

Using the question below, on a sheet of notebook paper (or you may type it, it is up to you, you and a small group(of no more than five members) of your most trusted colleagues need to create a DETAILED OUTLINE of the following prompt:

'Sectional rivalries in the United States greatly increased during the administrations of Franklin Pierce and James Buchanan. Discuss these tensions, making sure to discuss the context, the actions of the Pierce administration, the Kansas-Nebraska Act, the resulting crisis in Kansas, the roles played by Sara Robinson and David Atchison during these events, and the Dred Scott case. Use the lectures, the essay on Robinson and Atchison, and the excerpt from the speech of James Hammond to fully develop your essay and write a complete answer. Give specific examples whenever possible.'