It's almost March!!!

  • Questions, comments, concerns?

Lecture recap!

Time to continue with the Research and Writing!

  • What does it mean to exhume those stories?
    • You will get your chance to do the very same thing this semester, in your Research and Argument Project!
    • Your Research and Argument Project will be due in Week 13- April 16th- 20th. Thoughtful academic research occurs in stages, therefore, you will complete this project in multiple stages with the guidance of your learning community professors.
    • Make sure and follow Prof. Burnett's submission guidelines for each portion of your your Research and Argument Project as the semester progresses to meet all established deadlines. Doing so will lessen your stress and you will produce stronger research!
  • Research and Argument Project Brainstorming Session!
    • Let's use this time to your advantage! :)
    • Continue to work on finding the perfect topic for yourself. Remember, this topic will eventually connect to the topics of two to three other people for your Group Research Presentations... so you can plan ahead if you have a specific group with whom you would like to work.

Reminders and announcements:

  • On Wednesday, Feb.28th, we will not be holding regular Composition or Seminar class meetings. We will be holding a joint library session that starts at 11am on that day. We will be meeting in Library Instruction Room 216 A (on the second floor of the library) for a instructional session with our learning community librarian. Don't skip- this session will prove to be useful to you as you begin diving into your research that you will conduct as the semester progresses.
    • Make sure to bring your Sandollar Card with you to our library session on Wednesday. You will need it! :)
  • Wednesday, February 28th: History Reading Quiz #4 will cover Chapter 7 of Contending Voices Tecumseh vs. Harrison. Mark your calendars! Be prepared!
  • I have already posted your updated Participation/Attendance averages for Seminar in Blackboard. Please see the course's Blackboard page to see your current grade. If you have two or more absences, your P&A reflects the absences you have accrued thus far. Please do not hesitate to come and see me during office hours or email me to make an appointment to discuss any concerns you may have. I will be posting updated averages on a bi-weekly basis throughout the term.