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  • Questions, comments, concerns?
  • Questions, concerns about The Rhetorical Analysis assignment?
  • History reading Quiz #2 will be over the material from Contending Voices Chapter 4 Adams vs. Sewall. This quiz will be multiple choice!
    • You will have 15-20 minutes to take the quiz, don't rush- read the answer choices carefully!
    • An Experiment in Group Think!
    • A Challenge for you all!
  • So, what is the beef between Bache and Hamilton? Let's break it down together, y'all!


  • READ! and take some notes! Remember, you should always read the chapters outlined in Dr. Wooster's syllabus BEFORE you attend class. Doing so will help clarify your understanding of the lecture! To help you in getting the reading done in your Contending Voices text, use the following reading guide to help you: Contending Voices Reading Guide
  • Blue Books are due to me by the end of the day on 'Monday, Feb 5th'- TODAY You will need THREE of them in order to take your exams. Turning these in on time will count as your 1st lecture supplement grade(= you earn points toward your History and Seminar grades for doing this!) I will be keeping a list of who has turned them in.
  • Questions about the Rhetorical Analysis?Here is a copy of the assignment: The Rhetorical Analysis
    • Sections 244 and 245, you will read and write your Rhetorical Analysis over one of the primary source documents within Chapter 6 ofContending Voices - “Political Conflict in the Early Republic: Benjamin Franklin Bache and Alexander Hamilton.”
    • Your first, fully evolved draft of this assignment will be due and posted on Professor Burnett's Blackboard page on Wednesday, February 7th by MIDNIGHT! We will be reading offering substantive feedback on your drafts! This draft counts toward your grade in Composition and Seminar!
    • The Final Draft is due and will be posted on Professor Burnett's Blackboard page on Friday, February 23rd by MIDNIGHT!

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  • Exam is scheduled for Wednesday, February 14th! Here is the copy of the review guide for the Exam: Exam I Review Guide