So, how are we all doing?

  • Questions, comments, concerns about the learning community?
  • Questions about any of the issues/topics we discussed last class meeting?
  • Take out a piece of paper and something to write with. :) I want to know what you think!

So, what kind of texts utilize these rhetorical strategies?

In our learning community, we will be working with and analyzing these two types of sources:

  • So, what's the Difference?: Primary vs. Secondary Sources
    • Authors of secondary sources use primary sources to interpret the past.
    • What do primary sources tell us about the past?
    • What gives Wooster the credibility to share his interpretation of the past?
    • How are we certain that we can trust these sources?

Get into groups of five and no larger! You choose your group mates!

  • Each group will receive a handout with the following questions.

1.) Who is the intended audience?(The term "Audience" can best be defined as a reader, viewer, listener and consumer.)

2.) What is the artist's purpose? What are they trying to get their audience to think, feel, believe, say and/ or do?

3.) What is the artist's message? In what ways has it changed over time?

  • Let's take a look at something you may be familiar with. Your task as a group is to ANALYZE the image and to share with your classmates your interpretation. I am not looking for specific responses to these questions, I just want to know what you think!

Announcements and Reminders:

  • READ! and take some notes! Remember, you should always read the chapters outlined in Dr. Wooster's syllabus BEFORE you attend class. Doing so will help clarify your understanding of the lecture! If you do not have the HIST 1301 OR ENGL 1302 texts yet, they are available on Course Reserves at the library. You will need your Sandollar card to check either of them out!
  • History Reading Quiz #1 is scheduled for next Monday, January 29th and will cover material Chapter 2 of Contending Voices Bacon vs. Berkeley. This multiple choice quiz will be given at the BEGINNING OF Seminar class time. This will be given as a group quiz. Be prepared! Come by office hours if you have specific questions about the reading! Note: All of the quiz dates FOR THE ENTIRE SEMESTER have been listed on the Sidebar of this page. Click on the link called LCE Major Due Dates and you will find them there along with other important dates!If there any changes to this schedule- I will let you know well in advance.
  • Blue Books are due to me by the end of the day on Wednesday, Feb 5th You will need THREE of them in order to take your exams. Turning these in on time will count as your 1st lecture supplement grade(= you earn points toward your History and Seminar grades for doing this!) I will be keeping a list of who has turned them in.


  • Before we go, I have an assignment I need for you to complete before next class, Wednesday January 24th!(Your response may be typed or handwritten. Responses will be picked up at the BEGINNING of Seminar!)

Answer the following questions below, in paragraph form. Elaborate and explain as much as possible.:

  • Other than class assignments, what kinds of things do you write or have you written?
  • What piece of writing have you done that you are you most proud of?
  • What are some social issues, current event topics and interests that you are passionate about?
  • How does writing make you feel and why?
  • Professor Burnett and I will be reading and responding to your responses. (Hint: This assignment may prove to be useful as we progress through the LC writing assignments this semester. Just sayin'.)