Let's talk about visual rhetoric! (Just tryin' to help you out with your Group Presentations and WP 3!)

  • Questions, comments, concerns? .
  • Group Presentation/Writing Project Three Workshop!
  • Let's take a few minutes and analyze a little something to get your ideas flowing...
    • What message is conveyed/argument is made in this video? How does the artist use visuals effectively?
    • What specific personal, social, and cultural issues (grievances) does the artist put out there for the audience to be made aware of?
    • What does it mean to "get in formation"?
    • What kind of design are you considering for your WP3 ?
    • How will you make your argument/stance clear in your blog?
    • Make sure and use the Argumentative Guide and the outline you created based on the guide you completed last week for Prof. Bray to help you refine your argument for Writing Project 3!

Planning Ahead(I know what you're all thinking... What does all of this have to do with our Group Research Presentations,Writing Project Three and First-Year Symposium?)

Your Group Research Presentations are worth the following in all three of your LC classes:

  • History: 10%
  • Composition:20%
  • Seminar: 10%

Your participation in First-Year Symposium counts in both Seminar and Composition!

Now think:

  • If we were to choose symbols and images for my portion of the oral visual presentation, what would it be? Do I want to use multiple symbols?
  • If I were to use color in my presentation, which ones? Why?
  • What is a metaphor that would be appropriate for my project? (For example, "Because of the Indian Removal Act, the Cherokee said Andrew Jackson was the devil").

Be prepared to work with the members of your Research Presentation groups in Seminar on Wednesday to begin planning out the design of your trifold for First-Year Symposium! You will be given time in class to start preparing! Bring your laptops and a working draft of your oral visual presentations(PowerPoints?) with you to Seminar on Wednesday!

Reminders and announcements:

  • Sign up for presentation times for in-class presentations on Nov. 17th and Nov. 19th in Composition!
  • Need help with the Group Presentation/WP 3? Come by and visit with Professor Bray and I during our shared office hours!
  • Wednesday, November 15th Quiz #7 -Chapter 10 Beecher vs. Stanton. This will be a group quiz. In order to earn the most points possible on this quiz, EVERYONE in your quiz group MUST bring notes from the reading with them. Any group member who does not do so, will result in a 4 point deduction from your overall quiz grade. Be prepared!
  • Need some additional guidance on the material for History? Here is the Supplemental Instruction Schedule for our learning community this semester: Spring 2017 SI Schedule
  • Monday, November 27th is the last day to drop a course for the semester! Make sure to visit with your professors before you decide to drop a course!