Hello there, everyone!!

As you may already be aware, Ms. Marquez is NOT HERE TODAY. She is ill.

In lieu of our class meeting today, you have an assignment you will need to complete TODAY! You will need to drop off this assignment at Ms. Marquez’s office (FC 121) by 5:00 pm. Slide your papers under the office door. Completing this assignment will count toward your attendance and participation grade for today.

The Assignment:

Using the questions below, on a sheet of notebook paper (or you may type it), answer the following in a couple of paragraphs:

  • We all know that that there have been times throughout the semester where you have felt, "The struggle is real." Have have you persisted through adversity? What did you do when the going got tough? Were you courageous during this time?
  • What are some of the most significant historical writings you've read this semester? How did this piece of writing change the way you view American history?

Reminders and announcements:

  • Quiz #7 on Chapter 13 is on Wednesday, Nov. 9th! Be prepared!
  • Bring the draft of your thesis statement( you will complete this for homework for Ms. Bray)with you to class on Wednesday!
    • You will need it to complete an in-class activity in Seminar!
  • Feel free to stop by during office hours for guidance on your paper. Ms. Bray and I are here to help!
    • Remember, if you are going to request an extension on the Critical Analysis II, you will need to do so 48 hours before the due date, on Wednesday 11/9 before the start of your regular Composition class hour.
  • Mid term grades will post on SAIL this week. Feel free to stop by during office hours if you have any questions!
    • The last day to drop a course is this Friday, November 11th. Before you to decide to drop a course, make every effort to meet with the professor to review your grades to have a more accurate understanding of your performance in the course. You may be performing better than you realize!
  • This week- Thursday and Friday- I will not be on campus. I am going to be presenting at the National Learning Communities Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. I will be available via email and will make every effort to check my email periodically.