Investigating the past...

  • Questions, concerns, issues?
  • History Quiz#3 - Bache vs. Hamilton!
  • How are we all feeling about Writing Project 2?
    • Have you selected your topic?
    • Is there any concern about where you are going with this?

'''To help you understand what you are going to be doing in Writing Project 2... let's discuss a topic you have some familiarity with.

When the Past Speaks to the Present...

What was the purpose of this discussion today? In your Research Log, you will need to include a variety of sources that represent a unique or different view of your topic. Sources that have multiple perspectives on your topic will serve you best as you prepare Writing Project 3 in the final weeks of the semester.

Announcements and reminders:

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  • Next Monday, October 23rd: History Reading Quiz #5 Helper vs. Fitzhugh Contending Voices, Chapter 12!
    • To help you get the most out of your Contending Voices chapter reading, use this:CV Reading Guide
    • This guide will help you to read the text critically and "pull out" key ideas, concepts, and better understand the conflict between the 2 historical figures etc.
  • Need some additional guidance on Writing Project 2 ? Come by and see Ms. Bray and I during office hours! We are here to help!
  • Make sure you bring your lecture notes with you to Seminar on Wednesday! You will need them to get in on preparation for Exam 2!
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