Happy Monday (and Halloween!)

  • Questions, comments, concerns?
  • Questions about Writing Project 3?
    • Thinking about your genres?
    • Ready to start writing -(some more)? :)
  • Frederick Douglass - primary source analysis discussion!


  • Quiz 6 is Wednesday 11/2 and will cover Chapter 9 - Douglass vs. Garrison. Be ready! (Only 2 quizzes left!)
  • On Wednesday, I need for you all to bring your primary source document that you will analyze for Writing Project Three with you to class. You can either bring an electronic version or a hard copy. You will need to complete an in-class activity on that day. :)
  • Make an appointment with your advisors to help you with class registration for Spring 2017!
  • You will register for classes Nov. 3rd@ midnight/ Nov. 4th! Be ready!
  • Electronic version of the Spring 2017 schedule is viewable on SAIL!
  • Need some additional information on which learning community to choose for the Spring? - http://penguin.tamucc.edu/~rsperry/FYLCP/Spring2017/