And the Writing and Research continues...

  • Questions, comments, concerns?
  • Quiz #3 over Chapter 5: Madison vs. Henry. This quiz will be multiple choice.
    • An Experiment in Group Think!
    • A Challenge for you all!
  • What does it mean to exhume those stories?
    • You will get your chance to do the very same thing this semester, in Writing Project 2!
    • Writing Project 2 will be due on Friday, October 27th!
  • Writing Project 2 Brainstorming Session!
    • Let's use this time to your advantage! :)
  • Exam 1 return!
    • You must observe a 24 hour waiting period before you come to see me to discuss your exam!
    • I am more than willing to meet with you to do review your exam and discussing ways you might improve on Exam 2.

If time permits...

Announcements and reminders:

  • On Wednesday Oct. 11th, we will not meet in the regular Seminar and Composition classrooms. We will meet in the Library Instruction room on SECOND FLOOR of the Bell Library computer lab. Both 11am and 12pm classes will meet at 11 am for our joint library session. On that day, Ms. Bray and I will work with you on developing your topics, locating potential sources, and other information for the research portion of Writing Project 2-- First half of class will be a "crash course" in using the library's databases, and the learning community library guide and the second half will be devoted to helping you actually access sources. :)
  • History Reading quiz #4 is scheduled for Monday, October 16th over Chapter 6: Bache vs. Hamilton. (Mark your calendars!)
    • To help you get the most out of your Contending Voices chapter reading, use this:CV Reading Guide
    • This guide will help you to read the text critically and "pull out" key ideas, concepts, and better understand the conflict between the 2 historical figures etc.
  • Make sure you bring your lecture notes with you to Seminar on Wednesday! You will need them to get in on the pregaming!
  • Need some additional guidance on the material for History? Here is the Supplemental Instruction Schedule for our learning community this semester: