Its another Manic Monday!


  • Bring your Contending Voices text with you to Seminar on Wednesday! You will need it to complete an in-class exercise! :)
  • MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Exam I is scheduled for next Friday, Sept. 23rd!
  • The time has come for you to go and circulate to chat with the faculty! You have 'til Sept 16th to go by their offices!
  • Next Contending Voices quiz is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 14th! This quiz will cover Chapter 3 of Contending Voices, Franklin vs. Edwards!
  • If you need any guidance or support with the Critical Analysis, we are here to help!
  • Bring your 3 Blue Books to Seminar or to my office(FC 121) by Wednesday, Sept. 14th!
  • DO NOT WRITE YOUR NAME ON THEM - I will have a checklist to keep track of who has turned them in.
  • Turning them in will count as a lecture supplement assignment grade for History and Seminar.
  • You can purchase them at the campus bookstore or the Islander bookstore(next to Stripes on Ennis Joslin)!