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Reminders and announcements :

  • History reading Quiz #2 is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 27th and will be over the material from Contending Voices Chapter 4 Adams vs. Sewall. This quiz will be part multiple choice/short answer. Note: All of the quiz dates FOR THE ENTIRE SEMESTER have been listed here on my wikipage. Click on the link called LCE Major Due Dates and you will find them there along with other important dates!
  • Exam I is scheduled for Friday, September 29th
    • Here is a copy of the Exam Study Guide: F17 Exam 1 Study Guide
    • Make sure to have your History lecture notes handy next week's classes - you will need them in both Seminar AND Composition!
  • To help you gain some familiarity with wiki's awesomeness and prepare for the exam... you have some Seminar Homework(Say what?!) involving wiki! You will need to define the term listed with your name IN A FULLY DEVELOPED PARAGRAPH(use the 5 W's to help you come up with a detailed definition). There's only one! Complete and post your definitions here. You have until (Thursday 9/27)by 5pm to post your definition! After that, the page will be locked. Students who post their definition will earn 2 points toward their final participation and attendance grade in Seminar.
  • Here is the Supplemental Instruction Schedule for our learning community this semester: Fall 2017 SI Schedule
  • Blue Books are due to me by the end of the day WEDNESDAY 9/27 You will need THREE of them in order to take your exams. Turning these in on time will count as your 1st lecture supplement grade(= you earn points toward your History and Seminar grades for doing this!) I will be keeping a list of who has turned them in.