Your writing and ideas matter!


  • Critical Essay (Final Draft) due at the beginning of History on Friday (9/30)!
    • Make sure to get your papers printed early. NO LATE PAPERS WILL BE ACCEPTED. NO EXCEPTIONS. (For real.)
  • Make sure to take an ELECTRONIC draft of the latest version of Writing Project 1 with you to Comp on Wednesday. You will be completing an in depth peer review in class. Be ready!
  • Next Monday, October 3rd we will not meet in the regular Seminar and Composition classrooms. We will meet in the Library Instruction room on the SECOND floor of the Bell Library computer lab from 8-10 am, 11-1 pm. On that day, Ms. Bray and I will work with you on locating sources, information for the research portion of Writing Project 2-- First half of class will be a "crash course" in using the library's databases and the second half will be devoted to helping you actually access sources. :)
  • Exam I will be returned Friday at the end of History! Ms. Bray and I will be down in the front of the lecture hall passing them out! Be there! :)