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Chronology Practice Time!

__1__Factions develop

__3__ Democratic Party formed as a result of a coalition of local groups

__2__ Federalists vs. Democratic Republicans

__4__ Whig Party forms

__2__ Jackson splits with Calhoun

__1__ Eaton Affair

_3___ S.C nullifies tariff

__4__ Jackson signs Force Bill

_1____ Battle of Fallen Timbers

__3___ Battle of Horseshoe Bend

__2___ Battle of Tippecanoe

__4__ First Seminole War

_4___ Embargo Acts

__1__ XYZ Affair

___3_ U.S. raises a provisional army

_2__ U.S. enters into a Quasi-War

--- could add IN Alien and SEDITION ACTS

__1___ charter generation

__4___ plantation generation

__2___ migration generation

___3__ revolutionary generation

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