____ Eaton Affair
____ Jackson and Calhoun political split
____ Jackson signs Force Bill
____ Tariff of Abominations

Bank War

_____ 1st Bank of U.S.
_____ Bank of the US Destroyed by Jackson
_____ Jackson’s re-election to a 2nd term
_____ 2nd Bank of U.S.
_____ McCulloch? vs Maryland

Generations of Slave Experiences

_____ plantation generations
_____ charter generations
____ migration generations
____ revolutionary generations

Political Parties Developments and Changes

_1__ Factions develop

__4__ Democratic Party formed as a result of a coalition of local groups

_2___ Federalists vs. Democratic Republicans

3____ Federalists decline

___5_ Whig Party forms in opposition to Jackson

Manifest Destiny and American exceptionalism:

__5___ Polk elected

__1___ Empire of Liberty

__4___ Tyler splits with Whigs on TX Annexation

_2___ John L. Sullivan writes Manifest Destiny

___3_ Jackson refuses to annex Texas